Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blondness in direct correlation to mental status

When summer comes, my hair gets lighter, more blonde. Sometimes I'm pretty sure that it isn't just my hair getting blonder. I don't know if it's really because there really is a correlation between blonde hair and mental status, or because I'm not doing school in the summer, therefore not working my mind which leads to losing the brains. Which could be a good thing. When the zombies come, I'll be safe. But only if it happens in the summer. Anyways!

For those of you who don't know, I work as a cashier. Every time that I go into work, I feel like I have to warm up my brain. Its not that its a tough job. Its really easy. Its just that I don't feel awake and aware when I first get there. The other day, a french couple came in. They got what they wanted and came to the front to purchase it. Their total came up to $39.95. I told them their total and the guy handed me two twenties. I counted the money, looked at the computer screen, looked back at them. Thought for a second. I told the guy he needed about a dollar more. He looked really confused. I think my thought process was something like "They probably don't know how our money works." Which is just ridiculous. Math works the same in any language, right?

The guy said to me, "I should be getting five cents back." Again, I went through my little confused routine. Looked at him, re-counted the money, looked at the screen. After all this awkward silence and the imaginary loading bar, I finally got what was going on. I chuckled (cuz what else can you do when you do something so ridiculously stupid? Other than blog about it so more people can know how blonde you are..) then apologized, told him it had been a long day, and gave him his five cents back. I go to college, I swear!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend of Family

This past weekend, we went to my dad's house; me, Liz, Mckay (Liz's boyfriend), and Chris. It was probably one of the best weekends we have ever spent with my dad. We got there on Friday night so we didn't have time to do much so we just went on a short bike ride. Jeannene (my step-sister) and I made cookies. By we, I mean she made them and I took them out of the oven. We talked a lot in that small amount of time. After that, we went downstairs and all of us kids watched Insidious. I hate that movie though so I sat in the corner with my lap top, Skyping with Kam. We got to bed at about 2 in the am.
On Saturday, Jeannene woke me up and, after a quick run to Wally World, we made breakfast.  After that, Chris, Liz, Mckay, my dad and I were going to go on a bike ride but Liz's bike (which she brought with her pretty much just for this ride) had a flat tire. It wasn't one that you could just pump up and be done with though. It was the wrong sized tube with many holes. My dad tried to fix it but there's only so much one can do. Liz, Makay and I went to Walmart to buy a new tube. While we were away, we decided to return some things to Lowe's that we got for my dad for his birthday so we could get him a gift card instead. They were pretty mean to us so we left in a bad mood. I'm never going to American Fork's Lowe's ever again. The old ladies that work there are jerks. I would be too if I was that old and working as a cashier. 
When we finally got home, we went on a nice, long bike ride. It was beautiful out! The sun was shining.. most of the time. The clouds were gorgeous. They are the kind of clouds that make me think of the Simpsons. 

The beautiful day. The clouds are my favorite.
We rode our bikes to a carnival that was going on a few miles away from the house and walked around a bit. At times, we would hear rain hitting the ground then feel it for a few minutes, then the wave of rain would hit us then continue. The drops were huge! It felt good though, because it was a hot day. 

Even the rain clouds were pretty.
We went to the top of a hill, where there was a motor bike trail. I tried it a little bit but my bike was a mix of a mountain bike and a cruiser so it didn't do very well on it. Mckay and Liz had a blast though. After that, we took a long, flat way home. It was nice to just ride and feel the wind and have no cares in the world. When we got home, we were dying of heat. I set up a few fans to cool down with.

My dad put his shirt over the fan. It made me laugh so I took a picture.
After a while of cooling down, we started the barbecue. My dad is a barbecuing pro. Liz, Mckay, and I stayed by his side to learn of his ways for almost the whole time. One thing he does that I've never seen anyone do is put tumble weeds into the fire. 

Putting the tumble weed in the fire.

It BURNS!! Wahahaha!

It looked so cool when it turned to ash.

My dad BBQin'. Its some serious business.

While we were waiting for the food to cook, I told my dad that he should stand in front of the barn with a pitch fork and Cheryl (my step-mom) next to him. Liz and Mckay liked the idea so I did it with them. This was the end result (with Instagram).

Instagram gave it the old look. Liz looks like a model.

 After dinner, we went around in a circle and said our favorite memory with the birthday person. We had about twelve people there and four of us had May birthdays so it took a while. We stopped in the middle and sang and ate cake. Strawberry short cake. Mmmmm. Shortly (hehe) after, we left. It was an amazing weekend. The past three times we have gone to my dad's, we've gone on a bike ride. I think we should make it a tradition. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summer is finally here

I know summer has been here for a while but I feel like it is just barely kicking in for me. I started work at Big 5 Sporting Goods last week. I worked there before, two years ago, so its more like I'm back at Big 5. Its like riding a bike. I'm getting pretty fast at the register again and I still know the store pretty well. Its the little things that get me, most of them I'm just not sure if they have changed in the past two years. Like how to look up products on the system. That changed probably just a little bit but to me, it doesn't make any sense. But I'm learning. Today someone told me that I seem like I know what I'm doing so I must be doing something right. 
The store is two miles from my house. I don't have a car so I bought a bike. I was going to rent one from Aggie Blue Bikes but you have to wake up really early to get in line for when they open. I did that twice and both times I didn't get a bike. Then I brought my bike there to fix it and I cleaned it up but it has so much to fix that it was a lost cause. I had a gift card to Amazon so I sold that to someone then I bought a bike from Walmart with  that money. It was purple and I hate purple. I hate that just because something is for females, they make them all purple and pink. Maybe I want a blue or green bike that is just the right size and build and not really heavy. I bought spray paint and now my formerly purple bike is now green. 
So with the store being two miles from my house, it takes me 30 minutes to get to and from work. The from work is the hardest because some of it is uphill and I'm not so good at uphill. I'm getting better though. Last night when I rode home from work, I didn't get off my bike to walk it even once. I toughed out the big hill. Speaking of last night, I worked from 5:30-10:30 which wasn't too bad; I'm used to 6-7 hour shifts. But then i had to ride my bike home. Well, I guess I didn't have to but I want to ride my bike home from work after every shift so I can get strong, and that's my exercise. I got home at 11 and got to bed at about midnight. Then I woke up at 7:30 to get to work at 8:45. I worked until 5:45. I'm really blonde, mind-wise. I'm naturally not very bright but when I'm tired and exhausted, I'm really, really dumb. I forgot a few things and once I finally rode away on my bike, I thought I left my phone so I searched for it frantically. I rode back and didn't see it on the bench I thought it was on, turned out it was in a pocket that I didn't search in. 
By the time I finally got home, I was completely exhausted. You know when you're exhausted from working so hard yet you still feel good inside? That's how I felt today. It was that "I made it" feeling. I should have gone to bed at eight, when I was ready to just crash but instead, I'm blogging about a bunch of completely irrelevant topics. Like my hatred for purple and pink. 
At work, I saw someone I haven't seen for a very long time. I would say years but I honestly can't remember the last time I saw him. We worked together at Riverdale Resort when I was 18. It was fun to catch up and hear how much life has changed. I forget how much my life has changed until I'm telling someone about it.  

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The importance of a penny

Yesterday, my brother said to me "Do you remember that time when we were little. You found a really old penny on the ground and then lost it." I didn't remember but i pretended to (ya, we all do that). "Well, i stole it then lost it." Then he pulled a really old penny out of his pocket and said "I'm sorry i stole your penny. I found this one and want you to have it."
It was so sweet! I told him "Thanks, that means a lot. It would mean more to you though, you have it." (he collects coins)

After all these years, he still remembers a simple wrong he did as a child and still wants to make it right.
I love my brother :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I got me a weekend! (This is from a while ago)

 I usually work on weekends so i don't get to do much. Last weekend, I got Friday off so i wasn't too exhausted to do something on Saturday! I was babysitting my sisters (Bekah, Kayla and Zandra) and we went on a hike. Me,  The Girls (name for my sisters when they're all together), Laura, Richard and Chris (he was visiting us from Blackfoot, ID).
We hiked the wind caves. It was so beautiful! The leaves were just beginning to change so there was lots of color conflict.
All sorts of fall colors showing through

The red ones are always my favorite
Earlier that day, Kayla caught a cat face spider that was nearly the size of a quarter. 

It probably could have eaten the quarter and it would still be hungry.

When they found it, it was eating a grasshopper. 
We brought it along because the girls wanted to set it free in the wild. When they finally let it go, it had died from too much heat and i think they forgot to poke holes in the lid of the jar.

Everyone together (except me taking the picture)

Chris was outside of the group so he got his own picture

Laura and the girls looking over the edge

Wind caves, back view

The girls going down to the caves

I love this picture of Alexandra

The view from inside the cave, looking out the back


The girls exploring


Alexandra ( I swear someday she's going to be a model) 
For that last one, I was going to take the picture but she looked at me before i could take it. I told her to look back to how she did. I didn't think she could do it because usually 7 year old can't, but she did better than the original one i was going to take. 

I wish i could do things like this with my sisters more. I LOVE THEM!! They are growing up so fast and they each even have their own little sense of humor. They always make me laugh!


Story Time!

I'm so proud of  myself. All through my life i didn't really care about school until about my junior year of high school. I only tried a little bit to get good grades and realized i wasn't as dumb as i thought i was.Senior year, i tried even harder and realized that i really could get far if i tried. I made it through with the best grades i'd ever had. After graduation, everyone (even my parents) told me i couldn't go to college because i didn't have the money and i wasn't qualified for grants and loans are bad yada yada yada. I believed them. I moved out and worked but felt like i still needed something more in my life. I felt as if i were stuck in one spot and couldn't progress. I decided that i would go to school the next year no matter what. I wanted to go to Utah Valley University, i even lived in Orem, one block away from campus. 

Because of financial problems (i still hadn't learned to save or spend money wisely) i had to move home.
That was the last thing i wanted to do. After all, i was an adult... Well, that's what i thought haha. My family moved closer to Logan and i decided to go to Utah State University. That way, i could live at home and if it didn't work out, i wasn't stuck with an apartment i couldn't afford. I applied and was accepted but there was the money problem and the in-state status i needed so i wouldn't have to pay so much tuition (my mom lived in Idaho before and i had used her address so that's why i wasn't considered in-state). There were a million things i had to do before school started and the deadlines were coming up. There were many times that i didn't think i was going to be able to go and many tears ran down my cheeks. I really needed to go to school. 

Everything slowly worked out and i got the grant i needed. I got in-state, thanks to my dad. Now i'm in my second year at Utah State. 

Last fall

Last winter
Also last winter

I'm proud of myself because I've made it this far and i'm learning how to study properly and use my time wisely. I'm improving a lot! I even decided what i want to do for the rest of my life. Social Psychology :) In the book Majoring in Psychology, social psychology is defined as  "... Understanding human behavior as it occurs within social contexts... how humans' thoughts, actions and feelings are influenced by various aspects of the social environment... how humans relate to one another in these environments... examine both the characteristics of an individual that influence his/her social interactions and how these characteristics in turn influence the social group." (p 140)

Basically, I'll be studying and researching people in social contexts. Wahoo!!


Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm so happy at this very moment. It might be that we got out of that place i call work by 9:30! That's counting moving all of the chairs and tables for cleaning the floor. On any other night, without doing tables, 9:45 is early.

Anyway it's October. What does that mean? HALLOWEEN!
This is what i want to be for Halloween. Kameron would make a HOT Mario. 
 Normally i'm like "whatever, not like i do anything for Halloween anyway." But this year has been different. I've gone to the haunted corn maze, the haunted Forrest and the pumpkin walk. 

Me and Kameron went to the Green Canyon Farms haunted corn maze. It was so much fun!

The design this year
The creepy parts were when we would pass a scary person and they would slowly follow behind us. At one point, we walked past a clown and it was all fine and dandy... until we got to the end of that dead end and turned around. He was right behind us. I mean when i turned around, we were nearly nose to nose. I screamed and buried my face in Kameron. We had to walk back to the start of that path. Once we got close to people, we ran so he would follow the other people. The absolute most scary moment was when the chainsaw guy saw us. He didn't just chase us for one turn. He was there right behind us for like 4 turns! Ahhh! Total time in there: 1 hour.

The Haunted Forest was even scarier! This time it was me and Kameron and some of his friends from work.  You walk on a dimly lit path and you never know when you're gonna get scared. Someone could jump out of the darkness or you could walk into a wooden box and get scared by whatever awaits you in that darkness. Kameron screamed the loudest when the fake-looking werewolf jumped out at him from the ground. The worst part was when we got to the chainsaw guy, once again. When he first started chasing us, we ran the other way so he paid more attention to Karla and Jones (i forgot her first name). We ran around him then. But he chased us to another box. When we went in, we thought it was the end of him. Right when we came out,  he was there. I'm pretty sure he followed us so far because he liked the reaction he got out of both of us. He chased us all the way to the car. He even came right by Kameron's window and started his beast. It was terrifying! Now i know that if we were in a scary movie, we'd be the first ones to go. 

The pumpkin walk was the only one i got pictures for because it was so calm and calming. It was cute :) my favorite part was seeing my little sisters. I never see them anymore. Every time i go home, they are at their dad's house. Anyway, lets let the pictures talk. I've written enough. I only took pictures of my absolute favorite scenes cuz my phone was going to die. 

I love Alexandra's face in this! 

Kayda (Kayla/Yoda)

Can anyone tell me what this is? "Fragile, must be italian"

Gilligan's Island!

My favorite cartoon of all time, its just missing the boys. Perry is da bomb though.

Calvin and Hobbs!

Plants Vs. Zombies! They even have lawn mowers!


Frozen pea shooter!
If i could, i would go to all of these again. Best Halloween ever!