Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blondness in direct correlation to mental status

When summer comes, my hair gets lighter, more blonde. Sometimes I'm pretty sure that it isn't just my hair getting blonder. I don't know if it's really because there really is a correlation between blonde hair and mental status, or because I'm not doing school in the summer, therefore not working my mind which leads to losing the brains. Which could be a good thing. When the zombies come, I'll be safe. But only if it happens in the summer. Anyways!

For those of you who don't know, I work as a cashier. Every time that I go into work, I feel like I have to warm up my brain. Its not that its a tough job. Its really easy. Its just that I don't feel awake and aware when I first get there. The other day, a french couple came in. They got what they wanted and came to the front to purchase it. Their total came up to $39.95. I told them their total and the guy handed me two twenties. I counted the money, looked at the computer screen, looked back at them. Thought for a second. I told the guy he needed about a dollar more. He looked really confused. I think my thought process was something like "They probably don't know how our money works." Which is just ridiculous. Math works the same in any language, right?

The guy said to me, "I should be getting five cents back." Again, I went through my little confused routine. Looked at him, re-counted the money, looked at the screen. After all this awkward silence and the imaginary loading bar, I finally got what was going on. I chuckled (cuz what else can you do when you do something so ridiculously stupid? Other than blog about it so more people can know how blonde you are..) then apologized, told him it had been a long day, and gave him his five cents back. I go to college, I swear!

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